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Beading Thread - 4 Yards Elastic Threads

Beading Thread - 4 Yards Elastic Threads

Description: Beading thread is one arts and crafts supply that you will be reaching for time and time again. That's because both educational games and art projects can be enhanced using this basic beading thread. Use in conjunction with your ABC beads and charms to make necklaces, bracelets, and stringing letter games. Spell out fun messages or have each child spell out their own name. You can also make jewelry or d├ęcor with chunky big beads, seashells, buttons, or other random beads and your handy beading thread. Decorate the classroom ceiling with hanging decorations and signs using your durable beading thread. Beading thread is handy for other things as well such as sticky situation fixers. Use as a shoelace when a child snaps his own, or bind papers together by punching holes and stringing beading thread through the holes. Make small pocket books and study buddies with this same method of punching holes and binding with beading thread. In a pinch, beading thread can even become a makeshift belt for that unfortunate child whose pants just aren't staying up. Beading string is super durable, made from nylon and elastic yardage. That means these threads are strong and will withstand a lot of wear and tear from kids, weight and time. Beading thread is a basic classroom necessity that will be used time and time again both in conjunction with other craft supplies and all on its own. Keep a package of beading thread in your supplies closet so that you will always have it on hang when you need it.

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