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9" Balloons, 144

Description: Balloons are instant smile-makers for children and can make a festive atmosphere for adults as well. No party could ever be complete without a set of balloons hanging up jovially.

Parties are not the only places that make ideal locals for balloons and balloon art, though. Ease the nervous tension that inevitably accompanies the first day of school with friendly and colorful balloons. Use balloon art in classroom and bulletin decor.

Jazz up a simple arts and crafts project with balloon crafts. This three dimensional aspect will make ordinary projects jump out at you and really come to life.

Class carnivals thrive on balloon games. Pop the balloon or shave the balloon are both fun and zany balloon games that will keep kids coming back to your booth over and over again.

Balloons can even be educational and sentimental tools. Write personal requests, endearing comments, words of encouragement or questions on a small piece of paper. Then place the pieces of paper into balloons and fill with helium.

Take your kids, group or class outside and have each child let his or her balloon float up to the sky. Who knows where that balloon will fall or who will read that little note? This exercise teaches children to verbalize feelings, express their thoughts and reach out to others, all important lessons to foster in our young ones. Keep kids entertained and learning with these colorful and kid-friendly balloons.

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