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Big Beads

Big Beads

Description: 16 oz. Approx. 100 Beads. Big beads are an essential part of every child's growth and development. They come in bright eye-catching colors that will keep kids interested in the current lesson or activity. There is no end to the adorable arts and crafts projects for kids of every age and stage. Choose craft ideas geared towards your child's age to help strengthen specific skills appropriate for his or her level. For little kids, big beads are great for teaching little hands to use hand-eye coordination. The large holes make it easy to thread so kids meet with success while they learn. Young children also love to make tambourines with two paper plates, some crafts beads and a stapler. Older kids will love to do more intricate craft projects. Let kids make their own key chains, cell phone rope or bookmark using plastic craft beads and beading thread or lanyard. Lacing lanyard is included in your craft beads package so you have an instant project on hand at all times. Crafts beads can be glued to a project surface to add depth or interest or for that final detail it might have been missing. Girls both young and old enjoy braiding craft beads into their hair, and these big beads are ideal thanks to the large opening on either side. Plastic craft beads also make fabulous counters. Learn basic addition and subtraction in a fun way with brightly colored big beads. Use multicolored crafts beads as game pieces, as well. This is just the beginning of all the wonderful fun that is in store with an eager mind and a bucket of lively big beads.

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